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Fish is one such food that is rich in proteins and nutrients. Fishes, especially oily ones like salmon, have less cholesterol and saturated fats than meat. Moreover, they provide minerals and vitamins like vitamin B and are rich in iron. This is why many eat seafood at least twice a week as a balanced diet.

Oily fishes consist of omega-3 fatty acids that are very important for humans and have many health benefits, like preventing cardiovascular disease. Also, since fish have low-fat protein, you can effectively lose weight by incorporating them into your diet.

You can look into this article to know the best fish to eat and learn about their benefits and the best way to cook them.

Wild-caught salmon

Wild-caught salmon

Salmon is a fish with numerous benefits. Hence you should include it in your diet. They are a good source of vitamin D and calcium. But since they are extremely rich in nutrients, it is better to eat wild-caught salmon than farmed salmon. They are a source of omega-3 and have less fat. Moreover, they are highly beneficial for heart diseases.


One of the simplest ways to cook salmon is to stem it on parchment paper. To do this:

  • The first step is to chop some vegetables like carrots and zucchini and sauté them.
  • Spread the vegetables over the parchment paper and place the salmon fillet on the vegetable bed.
  • Sprinkle fresh herb on top of the fish, fold the paper, and seal it.
  • Then, bake this parcel in the oven for about ten minutes.


Even though tuna is healthy to eat, it is better to eat with a limit as some tuna contain more mercury. In addition, it is found that canned tuna has more mercury than canned light or skipjack tuna. Therefore it is best to constrain your consumption of different varieties of tuna. Also, while choosing fish, make sure to consume tuna that is not at risk. For instance, a variety of tuna fish, like blue tuna, is under threat of extinction; therefore, avoid fishing them as much as possible.

It is beneficial because it is low in calories and rich in vitamins and proteins. For instance, a hundred grams of skipjack tuna consists of about 22 grams of protein.

How to cook tuna

Cut tuna fish into pieces and brush each of them with olive oil. Further, sprinkle salt and pepper over it and fry on a medium flame for 5 minutes.

Pacific halibut

Pacific halibut

Pacific halibut is a fish that has only a mild flavor. If you are someone who does not enjoy seafood but wants to add them to your diet, Halibut is a perfect choice. They are rich in protein and Vitamin D and are also a good source of potassium.

How to cook

There are a variety of methods to cook Halibut, but the easiest way is:

  • Cut the fish into small pieces.
  • Then, marinate them in olive oil, garlic, and parsley.
  • Grill them until they flake easily.

Add these three fishes to your diet to make your meals healthier and wholesome.


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