There are numerous benefits to consuming seafood; daily consumption decreases the risk of heart disease, improves brain function, and is vital for the development of infants. San Diego is one of the best places to try seafood. The proximity of San Diego to the ocean ensures a continuous supply of fresh seafood to the local restaurants and diners. You cannot go wrong with seafood options in San Diego, and some of the popular items of the local cuisine include fish tacos and shrimp burritos. Here are some of the best seafood restaurants in San Diego:

El Pescador Fish Market:

El Pescador Fish Market is a great place to purchase the day’s freshest catch and to eat out with your loved ones. The Market also offers beer and wine along with the food and is a great spot to enjoy the scenic beauty with some delicious food. You can choose from various seafood options, including clam chowder, sashimi plate, ahi poke, etc. Some of the popular seafood recipes of the place include grilled sea bass sandwiches and shrimp tacos. The place is often crowded with tourists wearing their casual attires.

Herb and Sea:

Herb & Sea is an aesthetic restaurant that perfectly blends East Coast and California vibes. The atmosphere is often crowded in Herb and Sea; therefore, you cannot expect a quiet and peaceful meal. The menu offers visitors a wide variety of seafood options, including pasta, tacos, sandwiches, and pizza. Some popular options at Herbs and Sea include roasted oysters with bone marrow and Hamachi Crudo. The restaurant also offers Tequila and Mezcal with delicious food.

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood:

Mexican Seafood


If you want to try Mexican Seafood in San Diego, look no further. The restaurant offers a casual dining experience to the visitors with the driftwood paneled interiors colored with ocean-themed murals. Fresh Seafood Tacos, Tortas, and Fish Stew are some of the best items on the menu. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood is pretty crowded due to its reputation for delicious Mexican seafood. The restaurant also offers delivery services, which can be a lifesaver if you dislike waiting in lines.

Hidden Fish:

Hidden Fish is one of the most popular spots in San Diego to enjoy some fresh seafood meals in an intimate setting. The ingredients of this restaurant come from all the popular destinations across the world, including Japan’s Toyosu Fish Market. One of the most popular menu items of the restaurant is a 50-minute or 12-course omakase, which is no longer available in the restaurant due to covid related restrictions. Some of the popular dishes here include truffle, caviar, ikura bowl, etc.

Point Loma Seafood:

One of the major attractions of the Point Loma Seafood restaurant is the seafood sandwiches served on fresh bread and topped with delicious tartar sauce. The restaurant is a combination of a seafood market and a dining room. The majority of the crowd is made of tourists; however, locals purchasing seafood ingredients are also common. Besides the popular sandwiches, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of beers to choose from.


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